Brridge Clinical Research specializes in Investigator led / Co-ordinator driven patient recruitment for your clinical trials. We deliver in depth, precise, feasibility by carrying out a fully confidential, real-time outline protocol simulation in a selection of our investigational sites. The BRS feasibility team of primary and secondary care experts provides you with an in depth assessment of your clinical trial. Our team of dedicated CRAs and Co-coordinator’s work in partnership with each investigational site to give you that flying start in reaching your recruitment target.



BCR deliver to you

  • Robust feasibility in minimum time
  • Quick Site Selection & Initiation from our Investigational Sites
  • Expedited Patient Recruitment
  • Lower Patient Withdrawals through focused patient retention
  • EC & administrative support from start to finish
  • Co-ordinated Documentation Receipt, Sign off, Collation and Tracked Return.




  • Quick feasibility assessment and feedback
  • Rapid site identification and recommendation
  • Prompt, 'right first time' document completion
  • Quick contract negotiation and completion
  • Timely patient recruitment and enrolment

  • GCP-trained investigators and coordinators
  • BRS and Site Specific SOPs
  • Active, ongoing SOP training
  • GCP training aids and newsletters
  • Continuous quality support and performance review

  • Routinely surpass enrolment targets
  • Minimized screen-failure rates
  • Excellent patient compliance and retention
  • Central enrolment strategies and initiatives
  • Centralized and site-specific advertising and media creation, placement and metrics
  • Experienced in Phase II-IV trials in multiple therapeutic areas
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